The Legend of Chucky Continues

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Not many folks, family or otherwise, are familiar with Dear Uncle Chucky. I, for once, can’t ever properly recall any of our meetings. I am sure that they’ve happened, and always remember entering the room, but, well. From there the details are all hazy, cloaked in shadow…a mist of mystery. Possibly from all of the opiates, but who can tell these days, eh, Bamford? Nonetheless, Uncle Chucky is CERTAINLY real, and will CERTAINLY be having  a birthday, and if you need a bit of background to get you through the cocktail chatter, well, we’ll be providing it right in this electrosuite on the regular from now till the party.

Bamford thought it would be good to begin with a moving-picture-talky-strip on Chucky, wherein he sits down for an interview about his life, his accomplishments, and his deepest, darkest dreams. Things take a turn, as you’d suspect, but I was frankly too amazed by the video contraption to be all that put out. They put buttons right on the video! Right there on the screen! It’s devil’s magic, I tell you. And I love it.


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